Handy Elephant Timeline

Handy Elephant is a Lean Startup, we have learned many different lessons and built several (minimum viable) products in our past.

And why keep everything we have learnt to ourselves…? Below, you can read about the products we have built so far and see the lessons we have learned from each of them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in continuing one of our products or using the technology.

handy elephant

June 2012

Customer-need pivot, Unified Relationship Management

Customer-need pivot



Unifyo is a seamless browser plugin for busy professionals and small-ish companies to help them work more productively with customer data which is scattered across multiple cloud apps by bringing a unified CRM interface to all their apps.

Market pivot – Consumerization of technology and learnings

Market pivot


Unifyo is a seamless browser plugin for busy professionals to help them keep up with their communications across multiple social networks & other channels from a single interface.


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