All Your Channels. Zero Communication Overload.

We are super excited to share an early design of what Handy Elephant will soon look like with you!

Our powerful new app sees the addition of some pretty awesome features (though we say so ourselves!) Handy Elephant will, very soon, be covering every aspect of your multi-channel comms enabling you to avoid the dreaded communication overload.

We waste so much of our valuable time keeping up with the inevitable deluge of daily comms across a multitude of channels. Doing it one by one, having to read all the unimportant bits and having cluttered interfaces makes it even worse. Handy Elephant provides you with a single slick interface across all channels allowing you to move instantly from one message to the next – bash through your communications like never before.

Screenshot of revised Handy Elephant multi-channel interface
Revised Handy Elephant multi-channel interface

Our goal is for your Handy Elephant to empower you to effortlessly manage your comms regardless of channel with the world’s fastest messaging interface! With each of your actions available to you with a single click (or even keyboard shortcut), you will quickly and easily be able to engage with your contacts across all channels.

Top three reasons people hate email…

1. Email is adding to our problems:We are using email more and more like instant messaging. This means we find it harder and harder to ever leave the email screen. It’s distracting at work and at home – it’s relentless.
If we don’t receive an instant reply, it’s easy to forget to chase up for one, sometimes even when it’s important. Jacob Morgan, ‘the social business advisor’ posits that the problem is that email does not allow for collaboration. “ Sharing files amongst groups is also not very efficient and overall collaboration functionality is just limited.” In short many people feel that email is adding to problems rather than solving them.

2.Email has a proper etiquette with consequences:
Email etiquette for certain email situations varies don’t you know.

Why the Widowers effect is affecting you

You may have not have heard of The Widower Effect, but its a social phenomena that is crucial to understanding the role social networking plays in our lives.Its an old adage in the social sciences that encapsulates the idea of “dying of a broken heart”. It is based on the notion that serious effects on everyday life, including health effects, spread socially. So for example research has demonstrated that if your partner dies young, you will be at a higher risk of also dying young.

In modern day terms, The Widower Effect can be seen in the trendier subject of the ‘obesity epidemic’, and the discovery that if your friends are a certain body shape, you will be more likely to share that norm.


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