Why we built Handy Elephant?

Handy Elephant aims to challenge Dunbar’s number, a cognitive limitation which states people can only successfully maintain relationships with a network of about 150 people. Professionals of today routinely deal daily with overflowing inboxes and thousands of worldwide connections, but how effectively?

The Handy Elephant team is developing a new product (together with the underlying technology!) that will help both business professionals and companies to build, sustain and strengthen their relationships.

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By applying clever algorithms (and a little magic!) to communication and contact data, Handy Elephant’s latest product – Unifyo – aims to bridge the gaps between Cloud Apps improving data- and workflows thus increasing your productivity.

“Vorsprung durch Technik”, as the super efficient Germans would say.

Handy Elephant is a Citrix Startup Accelerator funded company based in Cambridge, UK. Founded in October 2010 Handy Elephant has released, iterated and learned from 5 minimum viable products thus far – all of them beautiful, with exceptional user experience and clever algorithms at the core.


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